Day 19 of 40 Day of Story: Where are you finding beauty in your story?

I am a big believer that beauty re-calibrates our souls…and it helps us re-write a better story.


During this week of Story we continue to find ourselves in the Messy Middle. It’s the longest section in books, plays and movies with so much happening in the plot and sub-plots. Yet when it comes to our own stories we can find ourselves completely lost. We can so easily forget we’re in the midst of a larger story.


That’s why I believe the harder our stories get the more we need beauty.


This weekend I was so grateful to have stolen away to the NC Mountains (Valle Crucis) with women from my church (Warehouse 242) and be immersed in the beauty of nature, the richness of community and the inviting Presence of God.


I remember reading a line by a very thoughtful (dead) Frenchman that essentially said this: Beauty is one of the few things that doesn’t lead to doubt in God.


There is so much in the Messy Middle of life that causes us to doubt a better story.


But when we let beauty whisper to us we may be surprised by what we hear.


Where are you finding beauty in your story?