A look back to look forward…and where do I find myself in this story?

The past couple of days I’ve been heartbroken by how the deep divides of our nation have been expanded and exploited. I’ve been gutted by the assault on our democracy fueled by those tasked to unite us.

I’m asking myself: how do I show up to this historic story? I’m still in the throes of the question…but I am reflecting on how my work with story can serve as a salve to promote dignity, empathy and connection. As I try to understand the story unfolding in our midst I find it helpful to look back and get context.
I appreciated this video by Vox as a bit of meaning-making to the story we’ve been living this past year. It’s a power-packed 7-mins representing such an intense year.
Watching the video of the past year I was struck by the immense amount of disruption and conflict…and the courage of so many. There’s an idea in story structure that conflict is best used: 1. to reveal how much the hero wants what he/she is pursuing; and 2: to show the true character of the hero.
So, I am not without hope. I see courageous and grace-filled heroes all around me, showing up more committed to peace and justice than ever. That’s the story I long to live more into…one with an unrelenting love for my neighbor that grows stronger under duress. May it be so.