Going Tandem

Recently a sense of free-fall has stolen my breath. Perhaps it’s because I’m edging toward a year on my Self-Employment Tour. Or, maybe it’s because I’ve been traveling non-stop since June. But likely it’s because I’m about to take the biggest leap I’ve ever made. I hope—scratch that—I plan to pursue my first documentary on my own.


In the midst of these free-fall sensations, I’ve been reminded of when I went skydiving about a decade ago. Before I jumped out of the plane I did my due diligence. I got to know the guy I was partnered with and found out that he was happily married, just had a baby girl he adored and had gone tandem over a hundred times. I concluded this was a man who had something to live for…and knew how to stick a landing.


Once I had those gems of information I told him to make it as exciting as possible. Do tricks. Go for it!


We did amazing flips and I laughed all the way down to the ground.


I believe God gave me that memory to remind me I’m not in freefall alone. The beauty of my faith invites me to trust that I am in tandem with God, the One who made earth and sky, laughter and courage.


So with that the case, my prayer has become “Make this journey exciting…full of meaning and contribution…I want to be tethered to a God who shows off…and I desire to have my mouth agape…laughing through the adventure.”


Ok, that’s the prayer I want ready on my lips. But here’s a confession: I have such a tendency to forget the truth and freedom of Going Tandem.


So, I’m discovering more and more in this season how I need other people to remind me of the good reality of God. It’s such a paradox: other people’s generosity helps me catch my breath, still my heart and jog my memory that I’m ultimately tethered to a loving God.


And I desire to be that for others…to be a breathing reminder: You’re not alone. Savor the journey. Trust that love overwhelms fear. Leap.


Next week I’ll share more about the documentary…and invite you to join me in the adventure. Until then…


Note: that's not me...nor the guy...but same joy. Thanks http://www.goskydive.com/

Note: that’s not me…nor the guy…but same joy. Thanks http://www.goskydive.com/

May whatever has been stealing your breath recently be no match to the invitation to go tandem…and may you find yourself laughing as you make the leap.