Day#10 of Wonder

Thank God for ice + snow.

Thank God for ice + snow.

Today I took pen and paper on my hike, as I usually do. I tend to write my way through a hike (yes, paper & pen in hand as I blaze trails and scale mountains). But today, those plans were thwarted. The trail was too slick to do anything else than put one foot in front of that other. And that was bliss.

I crunched my way through silence. And then I listened to songs I loved, smirking my way through the playlist. Then my mind settled into reflecting on my three big projects I hope to tackle this year. All the rest in the motion brought clarity to the work ahead. My little hike ended with a sighting of deer by the trail. I’d typically pull out my phone to capture them, but it was a joy to simply observe and savor, nothing else required.

Thank God for the slowing of ice + snow.

What has halted you this week? Any surprising gifts in the midst?

Day#8 of Wonder

"Wherever I'm going, I'm already home." Jason Mraz

“Wherever I’m going, I’m already home.” Jason Mraz

Today I jogged through the prairie, listening to a new playlist. Almost every song had the concept of home in it…some addressed it directly (i.e., Diddy-Dirty Money’s Coming Home) to hints in Jump, Little Children’s Cathedrals and Mumford & Sons’ Awake my Soul. I was particularly halted by Jason Mraz’s line in his song Living in the Moment, “Wherever I’m going, I’m already home.”

Home is such a fluid concept for me now. While I relish living in Fort Collins, I have no idea where I be living in the coming months. But I’m enticed by the sense “I’m already home.”

It invites me back to the words of John O’Donohue: “Spirituality is the art of home-coming.”

Home. Now. Here. And to come.


Day#7 of Wonder




Here’s a confession: I’m addicted to my phone…well, to being connected to the world on my phone. This little addiction has served me quite well as a producer. Always in touch. Mega multi-tasker. Uber productive…and yes, more than slightly distractible.

I’m discovering this little addiction can be disastrous as a writer…and a pursuer of wonder.

So, as Day #6 dwindled I turned off my phone and disconnected my laptop from wi-fi and Day #7 turned into a wonderland of silence, solitude, prayer, writing, creative thinking, and reading. Wow…a whole world of aliveness came into sharper focus.

I know I’m in a rare season when I can delay returning texts, calls and emails for 27 hours. Yet, this Day #7 experiment was so needed, I plan to integrate Old-School-Offline-Wonder-Wednesdays into my schedule. We’ll see how long it last…hopefully long enough to break my addiction.


*OK, here’s another confession…I checked my phone 2x while writing this short post…Oh FOMO, my can’t I shake you?

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