New Year’s Eve…and other Confessions

IMG_5847Here’s a confession: I booked a ticket to South Africa, in part, to guarantee that I’d actually remember this New Year’s Eve. Cheeky, I know.

At times New Year’s Eve can feel like income taxes. It exacts a price on one’s efforts and state of being, making it a little less.

I guess I sense its anti-climatic power most when I’m feeling vulnerable with my story. Admittedly I’m not living the story I would have written for myself. Long ago, let’s say a decade, I envisioned myself married and a mother.

New Year’s Eve, if I let it, can fine me for living a different story.

But here’s another confession: I’m a sucker for marking moments, putting exclamation points after big days on the calendar. And as I look back on 2012 it was a year of Community and Adventure. A very good year.

While it’s not the story I would have written for myself, I’m learning to trust that God is writing an even better story…one’s that more epic, more generous.

And so I am all the more grateful to have marked the exit of 2012 and the entrance of 2013 surrounded by the beauty of Cape Town, listening to legendary jazz musician Hugh Masekela perform, and toasting with dear friends.

It felt like one spectacular exclamation point on the life I am living now.

Can’t resist the question: How is your life story different than you thought it would be? How do you celebrate the difference?