Day#5 of Wonder

White Space

White Space

I’ve been so excited about the concept of white space–margin venturing into my world that has been crammed with words, images, noises. I’m typically drawn to the blank page, to the turn of a year, to an open block of time. But perhaps the appeal really hasn’t been the white space, rather the opportunity to fill something up.

I have a confession: I’ve struggled letting myself be quiet and embrace the white during this first unscheduled week of my Unemployment Tour.

I’ve needed physical props to remind the gift of this season. So I went snowshoeing in the prairie again. I played “You Make Me Brave” on repeat…and stammered in the snow.

I’m discovering that to experience wonder I need to be still…to let the white wash over me. I must become a Partaker in the Pause, and right now that requires courage.

God, make me brave.

White space, here I come.