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Day#8 of Wonder

"Wherever I'm going, I'm already home." Jason Mraz

“Wherever I’m going, I’m already home.” Jason Mraz

Today I jogged through the prairie, listening to a new playlist. Almost every song had the concept of home in it…some addressed it directly (i.e., Diddy-Dirty Money’s Coming Home) to hints in Jump, Little Children’s Cathedrals and Mumford & Sons’ Awake my Soul. I was particularly halted by Jason Mraz’s line in his song Living in the Moment, “Wherever I’m going, I’m already home.”

Home is such a fluid concept for me now. While I relish living in Fort Collins, I have no idea where I be living in the coming months. But I’m enticed by the sense “I’m already home.”

It invites me back to the words of John O’Donohue: “Spirituality is the art of home-coming.”

Home. Now. Here. And to come.


Day#7 of Wonder




Here’s a confession: I’m addicted to my phone…well, to being connected to the world on my phone. This little addiction has served me quite well as a producer. Always in touch. Mega multi-tasker. Uber productive…and yes, more than slightly distractible.

I’m discovering this little addiction can be disastrous as a writer…and a pursuer of wonder.

So, as Day #6 dwindled I turned off my phone and disconnected my laptop from wi-fi and Day #7 turned into a wonderland of silence, solitude, prayer, writing, creative thinking, and reading. Wow…a whole world of aliveness came into sharper focus.

I know I’m in a rare season when I can delay returning texts, calls and emails for 27 hours. Yet, this Day #7 experiment was so needed, I plan to integrate Old-School-Offline-Wonder-Wednesdays into my schedule. We’ll see how long it last…hopefully long enough to break my addiction.


*OK, here’s another confession…I checked my phone 2x while writing this short post…Oh FOMO, my can’t I shake you?

Day#6 of Wonder

Going from Wonder Woman to a Woman of Wonder

Going from Wonder Woman to a Woman of Wonder

Two things you should know: 1. I’m a big fan of Wonder Woman…she’s been my superhero of choice since a wee girl. 2. I’m a bit of a disaster trying to be Wonder Woman..though that fact hasn’t deterred me from trying through the years.

Today I took some time to remember, to remember some of my attempts to pull off superhero status. My passion for top grades and involvement in all things extra-curricula turned my colon spastic in my teens. Then there were the glory days of my late twenties when perfectionism and people-pleasing catapulted me into workaholism. Let’s just say that didn’t end well (i.e. my boss banned me from work for three days…and I then I temporarily checked myself into a convent). Living in a quasi war-zone and then grad school teamed with full time work in my thirties created more cracks in my armor.

As I recalled all these failed attempts at Wonder Woman, I became deeply grateful that I could never really pull it off. That’s been my saving grace–my invitation to experience divine grace. It’s set me on this journey to become a Woman of Wonder.

While I have so much more to learn about wonder, what a soulful adventure it is!

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