Day#6 of Wonder

Going from Wonder Woman to a Woman of Wonder

Going from Wonder Woman to a Woman of Wonder

Two things you should know: 1. I’m a big fan of Wonder Woman…she’s been my superhero of choice since a wee girl. 2. I’m a bit of a disaster trying to be Wonder Woman..though that fact hasn’t deterred me from trying through the years.

Today I took some time to remember, to remember some of my attempts to pull off superhero status. My passion for top grades and involvement in all things extra-curricula turned my colon spastic in my teens. Then there were the glory days of my late twenties when perfectionism and people-pleasing catapulted me into workaholism. Let’s just say that didn’t end well (i.e. my boss banned me from work for three days…and I then I temporarily checked myself into a convent). Living in a quasi war-zone and then grad school teamed with full time work in my thirties created more cracks in my armor.

As I recalled all these failed attempts at Wonder Woman, I became deeply grateful that I could never really pull it off. That’s been my saving grace–my invitation to experience divine grace. It’s set me on this journey to become a Woman of Wonder.

While I have so much more to learn about wonder, what a soulful adventure it is!

Day#5 of Wonder

White Space

White Space

I’ve been so excited about the concept of white space–margin venturing into my world that has been crammed with words, images, noises. I’m typically drawn to the blank page, to the turn of a year, to an open block of time. But perhaps the appeal really hasn’t been the white space, rather the opportunity to fill something up.

I have a confession: I’ve struggled letting myself be quiet and embrace the white during this first unscheduled week of my Unemployment Tour.

I’ve needed physical props to remind the gift of this season. So I went snowshoeing in the prairie again. I played “You Make Me Brave” on repeat…and stammered in the snow.

I’m discovering that to experience wonder I need to be still…to let the white wash over me. I must become a Partaker in the Pause, and right now that requires courage.

God, make me brave.

White space, here I come.


Day#4 of Wonder

Be brave. Be bold in prayer.

Be brave. Be bold in prayer.

It was great to be back @ Mill City for Epiphany Sunday. The band sang a song so moving I haven’t been able to shake it: “You Make Me Brave” by Bethel. Then Caryl spoke on prayer–the invitation to vibrant, bold relationship. She shared: “We were created to reflect who we are in relationship with. We become what we behold.”

She also passed on this from Richard Rohr: “Prayer is an exercise in divine participation–you opting in and God always there.”

It ultimately was an invitation for me to grow in awe of God and celebrate the divine’s curiosity of me. #wonder

Day#3 of Wonder

David, Fort Collins' Distillery Master, living his dream.

David, Fort Collins’ Distillery Master, living his dream.

Today I went on my first Distillery Tour. David, the owner of Feisty Spirits, gives one impressive tour of Fort Collin’s oldest whisky distillery (almost 3 years to the date). His love of the craft is contagious…and he brings to it serious street cred (PHD in engineering and a family background that would make moonshine royalty proud). I asked him if he ever gets surprised when he tastes a batch. He said every batch surprises him.

What a beautiful way to live–develop your craft, and never fail to be surprised.

“I have one talent, and that is the capacity to be tremendously surprised, surprised at life, at ideas. This is to me the supreme Hasidic imperative: Don’t be old. Don’t be stale.” ― Abraham Joshua Heschel

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