Things I haven’t done…

since arriving in Muizenberg (a little surf colony in Cape Town area) include:

1)   Brush my hair*

2)   Listen to, read about, watch the news

3)   Eat a proper helping of vegetables**

The US could be in free-fall off the fiscal cliff, and I could be running headlong into dreadlocks, but currently there are a couple of things that feel preeminent. For example, right now I must go see penguins. Yes, penguins! At Bolder Beach!

I also must prepare for my surf lesson, and then try, try, try to write.

And…the biggest thing I must do is savor this little fleeting time when staring at the Indian Ocean usurps brushing my hair and being up on world news.

The pounding search for a job and the long-running desire for a family may someday be fulfilled…and then I suspect new things that have felt so essential will be overtaken by others…we’ll see where hair-brushing falls in the list of priorities in the coming days…

Can’t resist the question: What are you giving up right now that in the past seemed so essential?

*I continue to wash my hair, quite often in fact.

**For the record: I love vegetables.