Cheers to Shark Rejection

I’m attempting to learn how to surf.  With my less-than-evolved motor skills, let’s just say you may not see me on the surf circuit anytime soon. But I am having a blast; those seconds standing up on the board are pure magic!

At the beginning of my surf lesson—before even touching the board—I learned about shark flags. Today the shark flag is black—meaning low visibility, but no sharks spotted. I also learned that I would be surfing in the world’s most densely populated area of great white sharks. (I may not be stellar surfer, but I quickly excelled in memorizing the shark flags.)

However, I also was informed that shark attacks in Muizenberg are extremely rare. Apparently sharks have little interest in us humans. And I have never loved the words more “he’s just that in to you.”

This shark ambivalence has me thinking about other encouraging rejections—whether it’s potentially harmful relationships, scams I’ve been protected from, or jobs that could have sucked the life out of me. I suspect I have swam in the waters with many a proverbial great white shark and not even known it.

But I’m more curious about what I’ll need to reject this year—what must I express ambivalence towards? Currently I’m in the midst of a transition—no job, no permanent address, no idea what’s next.

Perhaps I’ll have to say No to a job with enticing pay and soul-killing work. I will likely have to reject panic, when subversive thoughts try to tell me my identity and worth are linked into my job title (or lack of one).  And I suspect I’m going to have to give despair and distrust of God’s goodness the boot—more than once–in the midst of this transitional time.

However, I believe when we have a keener sense of what to reject we are all the more free to embrace the beautiful and noble surprises that come our way.

Can’t resist the question: What shark-rejections are you grateful for at the moment? What healthy rejections are you anticipating this year?

PS – Surf update: I had such fun learning–slowly, slowly adding a couple of seconds up on the board. As  I left Muizenberg the red shark flag was up. A shark had just been spotted…but he too just wasn’t that into us humans. Can’t wait to try surfing again!