You Never Know What the Day May Bring….Zebras and Medals Included

My friend invited me for a morning swim. I had thrown in my goggles along with my dancing shoes on this 2-month trek, so I was thrilled to justify my bulging suitcase.

In the evening I was invited/informed that I was being registered in an open water swim competition in a couple of days. I’ve never done lake swimming…. nor competed as an adult. But sure.

On Sunday I jumped in a lake with a whole line-up of ladies—all swimming to be seeded for the World’s Largest Open Water Swim Event. Of course.

My friend later confessed that she had to declare me as an “International Athlete” in order for me to participate. But sure.

I was all in…because…it was hosted at the Heia Safari…with zebras looking on! Zebras! I was willing to be the world’s worst “International Athlete” if I got to see zebras!

Let’s just say I didn’t break any records, but had great fun. And zebras did cheer us on—even if there was a bit of flailing on my part. They were gracious and didn’t draw attention to it. And at the end of the day, I had a medal and pictures to prove that life can take the most surprising of twists.

When I think about my foray into swimming teamed with the exotic spectators, I can’t help but be hopeful. There are so any things I am longing for—plot twists I have desired for years…edging on decades.

Swim medals and zebras do emotional judo on my questions: “When will change come? How does hope turn into reality?

It orients me to possibility. It entices me to spy out sacred encounters. It reminds me that you never know what the day may bring.

Can’t resist the question: What surprising twists have you experienced in your story recently?